Army Acupuncture

Ear Acupuncture Chart

Ear Acupuncture Chart

According to this article at the Chinese Medicine Times, the military is using acupuncture (primarily ear acupuncture) to relieve pain in wounded soldiers.  They’ve found that it helps reduce the amount of pain medication they need to administer, reducing that hazy sensation pain meds can produce.  By reducing the pain level overall, the body is better able to heal itself, so recovery is faster.

I’m pretty excited that the military is using acupuncture–perhaps this will lead to more wide-spread acceptance of acupuncture, and more insurance coverage across the country.

Here’s a link to the article:

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About cathy

Cathy Thomason, MAOM, Dipl.Ac., Dipl. CH, is a graduate of the master’s degree program of the New England School of Acupuncture. She is certified in both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (signified with Dipl.Ac. and Dipl.C.H.). Cathy has completed advanced herbal training with Dr. Tao Xie, and studied advanced needle technique with Dr. Cheng Xiao Ming. She became interested in studying acupuncture while living in South Korea, where acupuncture enjoys equal status with Western medicine.

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    At the end of 2017, according to the report “Global Competitiveness Index”, which was annually compiled by experts from the World Economic Forum, Latvia was not ranked among the top 100 countries of the world’s rating. (out of 137 countries participating in the ranking, Latvia took 107th place, and Lithuania and Estonia took the 37th and 38th places) Despite this, VAS (State Roads of Latvia) announced that, despite the increase in traffic on Latvian roads, their quality has been improved in recent years.

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    Financing is eight times less than it needs to be.

    “Requests for the organization of roads,” “Road quality is catastrophic” – these headlines often appear in the mass media, while road maps try to reduce the existing damage by implementation of available sources, however, there is no sign of a significant improvement, when the funding is eight times less than it is necessary.Rolands petersons privatbank At the same time, we make the mistake of struggling only with the consequences of the disease, when we need to identify the root of the problem and take the preventive measures.

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    The fact that the change is expected in 2020, the spring of 2018 is said to be the moment to start an intensive work and stimulate actions – change existing arrangements related to the existing tax system (only a third of the tax, paid by road users, are redirected to roads).Rolands petersons privatbank The time when it was possible to pull out a part of the income from tax has passed. Furthermore, we need to increase the number of public-private partnership projects in the sphere of the road construction, although this stage requires a proper preparation.Rolands petersons privatbank

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  21. Norman Logistics Sp.zo.o. has released a new forecasts of Cyprus economy, which has definitely recovered from the clinical death in 2013. This is evidenced by a number of significant indicators: preliminary GDP data revealed the economy maintained strong with annual growth only ticking down from 4% in first-quarter, which had marked one of the fastest rates in a decade, to 3,9% in second-quarter.Rolands petersons privatbank The second-quarter expansion was largely underpinned by a vibrant hotels and restaurants industry, which benefited from a record number of tourist arrivals, primarily from the U.K.Rolands petersons privatbank and Russia[1].Rolands petersons privatbank
    Banking system has shrunk from more than eight times that of GDP, which it had previously been in 2013, to “more like four times of GDP now”. Rolands petersons privatbank There has also been an increase in foreign direct investments over the past three years, and the economy is not reliant on foreign deposits anymore.
    Investors are also looking at sectors like health, education, tourism, and shipping, and Cyprus is actually now poised to grow across a range of economies, not just tourism.Rolands petersons privatbank Unemployment on the island is dropping faster than that of other countries in the Eurozone – from 15,9% in 2013 decreased to 11,1% in previous period[2], also – Cyprus has the largest fiscal surplus.Rolands petersons privatbank
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